Empowered Home

One-on-one organizing sessions, customized to fit your most important organizing challenges.  Together we'll make dramatic changes so your home works for you, instead of against you.  You'll learn the 10 simple steps that will get you organized and keep you organized for life; as well as the vital questions that are essential to revealing your most organized house and self.  Discover what your home is trying to tell you and activate your own inner organizing genius!



Achieve email zero, create a customized task management system, and eliminate distractions that are causing you stress and frustration.  I'll help support you and provide strategies for complex projects and priorities.  You'll stop wasting time by aligning your daily actions with your goals and intentions; all the while establishing essential routines that will keep you organized long term.  



Leverage the personality assessment that Fortune 100 companies use around the world and understand your own, unique personal and mental process.  Using this to soar at home and work.  You'll discover your own unique, customized strategies for managing conflict, making decisions, communicating, and managing change.  Together we'll create a strong system for stress reduction, effectiveness, self awareness, and most importantly; personal development.  


the benefits are endless